I am in awe of the miracle she is. Our fast growing daughter is a like a ripe peach, soft checks, warm forehead with a sticky string of gold hair draping over her temple. She breaths peacefully. I go next to her and caress her face. We let her sleep in. She rarely does… alas it time to get ready for kindergarten. So I whisper a made up song about how much we love her, and cherish her and how beautiful she is. She wakes up with a cheerful disposition. Always. She never wakes up grumpy. I love that about her. Mornings greet with with a smile. While Going to bed is almost always a challenge.

We have easy days. Fun days. Agreeable days. Outdoors, exploring, running. Indoors endless imagination games. We chime in, she invites us in, though often she plays on her own, to our delight.

But before naps, since we bring her home after lunch… oh boy! So much drama! This week every day! Some type of tantrum. I hate fighting. Why can’t we have peace without war?

She picks up all kinds of actions and reactions from school. We can now barely keep up with counteracting them. Screaming out of frustration. Throwing toys on the ground. The way she does it is almost like trying it out to see our reaction. To test us. To see if she can get away with it. Small Bursts of tantrums. Today I was reaching to brush off Crumbs from her snack in the car, and whatever she was holding in her arms, she pulled away, high up so I couldn’t reach it. I didn’t even want to, but her action as if I was a grabbing baby, I saw her starting to do it with her little friends and it’s common but not any less annoying. We ask for permission and we show trust. Yesterday, when daddy asked her to give back the non-toys (spent batteries) She pulled away her box with batteries for recycling and they flew with force up in the air.

During our walk on Sunday she kept acting up, showing off, saying rude things, then she came and grabbed my car keys, hurting my hand when pulling with force whatever she could get her hands on. I asked her to give them back and she lifted them up in the air, behind her head, as if I was the annoying kid trying to take her toy.

I know these are opportunities for great lessons to learn together, conversations to be had, to explain kindness and good behavior, versus pushing, yelling, grabbing, hiding.
She reenacts everything she learns in school, and I’m grateful for the window into her world, and we grow together in finding a balance… but for now it’s hard. And I catch myself wishing she already knew what is right and appropriate, and what is not.

Gotta love kids stages. We are in a learning season. Some seasons we learn more and it’s more painful, other times we reap the benefits of growth together. And we enjoy a time of jolly respite.