Cluj – day one

Our minds are cool and clear. We spent all our emotions the weeks prior to this trip. Now we just dive in and let it all happen.

We are in Cluj. I am sipping coffee in bed, Ritual Coffee freshly brewed by Conrad. And before noon we plan to check out the few apartments we had lined up.

We made it. Actually we did more than that. While the start of our trip was a little rocky, me working till the very last minute and having no time to transition into vacation mode, rushing out the door at 6 PM to drive to SFO, it was a delightful travel time. Conrad and I always have great fun traveling together. We slept with our feet on the wall (exit row seats) enjoyed Lufthansa’s generous food and drinks servings as well as their excellent customer focus.

Our two large suitcases made it through, though they were 7-10 pounds heavier than the regular luggage limit, together the 5 computers we had in our carry-ons.

Dan picked us up from the 5 min away Cluj Airport, gave us a tour of the city at midnight (it’s his thing), and then dropped us off at the apartment we are renting for a few days.