Bogdan. Jaclyn’s innocent sweetheart.

It started a year ago, when Jaclyn didn’t like her hair held back, but one day she asked to have a ponytail just like Bogdan and Stefan’s mom. She has blond long hair.

Bogdan takes his afternoon nap next to Jaclyn’s bed. He is a sweet boy who looks like Conrad when he was four years old. Odd similarity huh?

A year ago they would run to the door to give us whatever Jaclyn may have misplaced throughout the day. During her first week she took a moose with her to kindergarten. When we picked her up she remembered the moose only when we were at the car. Conrad ran back and asked about the toy. Bogdan got up and found it for us. He was very sweet.

Whenever we talk about marriage and Jaclyn having to marry a boy her age she says: “Ok, Bogdan then.”

Another time she was cracking up saying that Bogdan bragged about his football underwear. Conrad has the funniest responses to her random stories about boys. I find her stories sweet and innocent and give me such a window into her mind and day right now.

Last week I picked up Jaclyn, and Bogdan found a reason to go to the bathroom and passed by us. He smiled at Jackie and ran into the bathroom. Then he peaked outside, smiled giggled and ran. That was adorable, mainly because of Jaclyn’s reaction to him …of pure joy.

But today. Today she said: “Bogdan is my friend. He asked me to come over and sleep at his house. He said he even has pajamas for me. Pink ones. And I will sleep in his room. And you can not stay. You have to go home or to the other room wit the adults. He said he is inviting me to his birthday. And to stay with him forever, for a million year. Come oooon! Call his mom to tell her I’m coming over. He is expecting me.”

At dinner table she said, “if Bogdan comes here to sleep, we have to buy him pajamas…”

He is this charming little boy, just a couple of weeks younger than Jackie. Him and his twin brother are fun to watch how they interact with each others. So we just listen to Jaclyn talk, we talk about boundaries, Conrad says with a goofy voice: “i don’t want to hear about any boy showing or telling you about his underwear.” And Jackie laughs a belly laughter.