About hospitals

We had to wait one more night before we can go home. This establishment accepts guests with a minimum 3 night stay. 🤪

A few more tests. Future-proofing the respiratory adventure. Needless to say we were disappointed. But we reset our mind. We imagined we’re on vacation.

Jackie was only occasionally nervous about the needles, the allergy test on the last day, taking out the iv plug. Her sarcasm went up a notch during the stay. She received royal treatment and compliments and hugs from the nurses. Cluj is university town and hospitals are full of residents. We’ve seen a dozen young doctors in training smiling over the masks and all listening to Jackie’s lungs, checking her thoroughly. 

I got a full rundown of Jackie’s diagnosis because the doctor explained it to the students in front of me. 

Fun fact: kids are fully insured in romania, no matter the status of the parents (employed, insured or alive) And Jackie’s hospitalization for 3 nights and full treatment costed $350 covered by insurance. They also gave us the medicine to continue the treatment home. 

We even had a complementary ambulance ride. 

Best part? Jackie was grateful. For our time together. For her newly acquired health.

We had to share a bed even though there were empty beds there. I was the one administering her medicine over night. But we were so well taken care of. So well treated! It felt like time moved slow, so very slow. We read a lot, we talked, stared out the window. I used up all my data and then some. 

But the time am was well spent. Jackie is healthy. Healthier than ever. Tomorrow we stay home from school. Too soon to return. She needs her rest and immunity rebuilt. 

Tomorrow we call the family doctor to fill him in. Conrad will also visit his endocrinolog in the afternoon, to discuss his  bloodwork results.