A glimpse into adoption

On a whim, we left our kids with their grandparents and went overnight up in the mountains, to talk about our vision and plans to create an adoption community here in Cluj. 

[I sense a discomfort in our communities (leaders and otherwise) to even mention this loaded word. Adoption. Is it out of shame (for not doing more) or lack of understanding?]

We met a couple, kindred spirits, who have a passion for adoption and who have incredible drive and energy to plow through this uncertain terrain, albeit somewhat charted. 

We, (as people whose hearts awakened “to love the least of these“, and thus transform them into kings and queens, by love) need community to thrive. So we’re going to make one. Transparent. Resourceful. Grounded. Welcoming to all.

Just as we were leaving this lovely place in the mountains, after sensible consideration, this couple decided to adopt a young stray dog too. It goes with the theme I guess. Taking him home in the back of the car, him whimpering occasionally, it felt only familiar, when we adopted our puppy from a camp… nervous and excited about the change, the new addition.

Throughout the weekend the dog followed our men, with grace and playfulness, protecting us from other strays and begging for scratches. Playing fetch like a pro and being simply adorable. 

How many times do we feel the tug to care for a pair of puppy dog eyes? Do we say yes to all? Of course we don’t. But do we have the ability to distinguish which one is the one meant to take home? Apparently my friends could see clearly. 

This is a gorgeous dog. The hotel owner told us he has been feeding the dog since he wandered in his yard as a pup, but he needs to find a permanent home for the nearly one year old furry friend. So just like that, our friends brought home to their two kids, another big beautiful dog. I must say I admire their outlook on life. Everything is possible. They confidently forge their path, and walk as if they know the way. 

Tomorrow these same friends receive their papers attesting their ability to adopt a 3rd child, against the expectations and recommendations of a selfish society. We are fellow journeyers on this exciting adventure of adoption. And they give me hope. Just by being.