Wonderful friends

Two days of nature and walks and delicious food together.

This couple crossed paths with us in Silicon Valley back in 2007-2008. Conrad worked with them at the same company. What we have in common is more than meets the eye. They are adventurous, business minded and share some similar passions. After California they lived in Hawaii for a number of years and now they live in yet another State in US. Their kids call us auntie and uncle. Which is beyond sweet. It’s kind and respectful and I loved it. Jackie loved the to boys (8 & 9) and they loved her back. What a sweet connection for them. She is sweet and complimentary, funny and quite delightful when she feels included, seen, liked. Aren’t we all!

There is something beautiful about reserved friends, introverted friends. Unsure at first, discreet, but as we give each other space and time to take ourselves by surprise with the quality of conversation and enthralled, loosing track of time. God bless them on their continuous journey ahead and fill their heart’s desire and thirst.

I used to keep a journal of J’s changes, progress, funny stories. Spreading across multiple platforms is draining. I have mixed feelings about this public space. Alas, I realize how much more relaxed I am as a parent. I don’t hold my breath, anticipating drama. I mean, there are times when J would fight some of our decisions, but I now take them in stride. Realizing that makes me so happy. She is easygoing for the most part, but we’ve made compromises with the nap time and when she doesn’t seem too tired she can have a quiet time and then go to bed early. I let her eat whatever bunica deems ok while she is in their care, and not stress about it anymore.

She even slept a whole night at their house last weekend. She was SO happy for the sleepover. And it is so much different than when we tried it last a year ago. She slept through, she felt confident and comfortable… We are all growing. I love her independence. And I savor it …as soon we will start fresh, from an earlier age, with a baby sister. Now that is going to be a roller coaster. I may appreciate today’s freedom in comparison to what I know that is to come.

I read an article about overly prepared parents, I mean parents who overthink their parenting and reactions and how that affects the kids… there has to be a balance. I am often aware and grateful that my parents used their instincts more than the possibly planned reactions. I felt their honesty and we learned together. I hope I will give myself enough grace to make necessary mistakes so we can grow together, and empower her to grow.