Tomorrow is Evelyn’s birthday

  • Who is Evelyn?
  • Your sister. She turns three.
  • Can we go see her on her birthday?
  • We can’t. I’m so sorry.
  • I really-really want to see my sister tomorrow! I don’t understand why we can’t go see her. [Sobbing].

We sat like that for a while, she was crying by my side, head leaning on me, my arm around her. Conrad came in and asked: “what’s going on?” I knew he would as Jackie doesn’t cry for no reason. I tell him she wants to see her sister on her birthday. He got sad and sat down on his knees. Then Jackie went and hugged him and they sat like that silently in a mutually soothing embrace. 

On New Year’s Eve, it came to me: The name for Jackie’s little sister will be Evelyn. It means “longed for child, much awaited and wished for child”. This name was on our initial baby names list, almost two years ago. Now, after waiting for so long, it’s only fitting.