We noticed that when we correct one of the girls, the other one makes a point to let us know she loves us. This timing gave me foot for thought. I can easily read through the lines so I want to address it and redress it. The girls sense the tension and they want to reconnect, or take charge of their own assurance despite the sister being in the hot seat. Despite the motivation behind it, hearing I love you in such circumstances feels cheap or manipulative. So at dinner time we had a long conversation about steadfast love, commitment, family safety and we assured them of our love no-matter-what.

In her sleep, last night Ivy asked me a few times if I love her always and no matter what. This information really sunk in. I want to be, yet again, one step ahead, in assuring them of our love and trust and delight in who they are. But that conversation was overdue. And I’m sure we’ll have to revisit. Meanwhile, our daughters were visibly delighted in the assurance of our love despite our occasional corrections and guidance.