Thoughts of Packing

As it’s only two-and-a-half weeks until we leave, we’ve begun packing. This is a different type of packing than we’ve done before though. Of course there is the various collection of laptops that we’ve been asked to carry back for friends and family, but that’s normal.

We’re not moving permanently (yet!) but we are intending to leave the vast majority of stuff that we take, there. So the issue we’re encountering for the first time is what can we stand to not have here when we come back, and conversely, what do we want to have waiting for us there when we arrive in future trips.

What should we take that has made our lives easier here that we can’t get—or is disproportionally expensive—there? What shoes and jackets would we like to wear there that we still like to wear?

It’s kind of a puzzling situation that I hadn’t considered before. We’re about to blow most of our savings on an apartment that we’ll have a few nights in, at the most, this trip, and then won’t be able to enjoy until the next trip. Leave as many of our belongings as we can carry there so that they’re in the apartment for us next time, and then come back to what? Vastly less money and fewer pairs of shoes?

I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to not think about what will come after this trip because thinking about this is enough for my brain to handle when I’m not bogged down at work, as well as to not get too attached to material things. But I have to be honest, I like to be comfortable, wherever I am, and it’s taken a while to bring our lives to this level of comfort, so the thought of suddenly making our lives a lesser degree of comfort, on purpose, is a bit unsettling.

I think back to when we were just married, and we had nothing; no savings, no car, loads of school debt, and we still made it. We were happy, relatively, and comfortable. We were living at the extreme of our means and paycheck-to-paycheck, but at least we had paychecks.