The Final Countdown

Well, we’re at about a week to go til the eve of our departure. Many things have fallen into place in the last few months and weeks; we’ve sold both of our cars, bikes, furniture—and packed the rest. Our luggage is all laid out in the other room and it’s mostly full except for the last of the items we’ll need during the next week.

I don’t know if I can say that “now we finally feel the impending departure”, because it’s come up so gradually that we’ve had time to acclimate to the upcoming changes, as have the people around us. We are getting excited though, and are trying to wrap the last few things up that we need to.

This week, we’ll be celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family, and then will hopefully wake up from the tryptophan/sugar comas in time to make it to the airport a few days later.

If anyone wants to contact us after the move, I am happy to hand out our mailing address (for cards and letters), and we have a new 415 number that anyone here can call (minus the long distance fees) to chat. Just ask.

As we say our bittersweet goodbyes to our friends and family here, we know that the next chapter—no, book—in our lives will be filled with joy and challenges, and we welcome every page.