Pine cones and pastries

The forest is my father
Where we walk
And he taught me
Of his Father
The peace and the beauty
Reflected for us
As His cathedral
We pray as we walk
Together and alone
But not really alone

Like him I come to commune
With the world and with God
To give up my problems 
To focus on the details
And the big picture 
The distractions of life faded
Through the trees

The kitchen is my mother
Where she loves
She teaches me to serve
Just like her Father
The steam and the smells
Cleanse our souls
As we bring joy
And community 
To family and friends 

Like her I stand at the table
Kneading out the dough
Like working out the truth
Pouring myself into baking 
To bring us together
To commune

Though far away
My parents are present
They walk beside me
Through the trees
And hand me spoons
In front of the stove
Their love for their Father
Taught through pine cones and pastries