Next stop: Fall

I wrote of faith, and as I got worried and impatient I wondered if my talk is empty. What of this tension between belief and action oriented trait. There is no exact recipe for a faithful walk. We adapt, we grow and we utter like David: “search my heart, Lord and straighten my steps.”

I requested an audience with the director, not knowing what exactly I was going to say to him. I jotted down some thoughts of respectful persuasion. But we have no legal rights to base our inquiries or make any demands regarding little sister. Yet I was confident I could wing it, even if just to connect with a key powerful person in the adoption world of romania.

Minutes after I confirmed the appointment and shared with some friends and family about our next step, the jurist called me to give me a detailed update. He went out of his way, tracked down and talked with the case manager of little sister, and then walked me through the timeline. He is very much a facts guy, while an optimist by nature. We talked at length and I learned that little sister is well cared for with a tenured foster family. And based on the bureaucratic progress so far, she would be ready for adoption in the Fall.

The heart of man makes the plans, but God is the one who fulfills them.

There is something about knowing that puts my mind and heart at ease. The jurist’s call was God’s gift to us. I want to put our journey in God’s hand. The appearance of our commitment is irrelevant. God sees the heart as well as He knows our bandwidth.