Nervous about a meeting 

As I anticipate how the meeting will go, I visualize wha I will say and how it will be received. Often times I think I picture myself more captivating than I end up being. My self confidence is founded in experience but I think it undermines my focus a bit. 

I was just thinking about tomorrow. We have a women’s meeting. I have a presentation of 15 minutes and a lifetime of stories to tell. My job is to slow down my speech and focus o the message I want them to remain with. Make sure I have my highlights clear. Also, out of a fear to not ramble too much I sometimes rush to the end and say nothing at all. I worry that I waste people time. I definitely enjoy the small group conversations. I could talk forever then.

But as I am preparing the pla for the day, and it is beautifully layered, I compare it to the feast we’ll have on the table. Two thirds of the women will bring stuff to share. Food wise.  And then I realized I am bringing my own little dish of thought to share and everyone will take what they like. Just as I won’t go around and force people to try all the food, and make sure they eat, because that is inappropriate, I shall not worry about what people will take away from the meeting. The feast is laid out, the way is paved. We will share fro the heart and may their ears. Be open. May they join in not as passive picky participants but as willing hearts to share in, to listen and to be vulnerable as well. 

My lifetime experience in school in oral exams was to set my pillars of talking points. May we make good use of there time. We have plenty of it.