Morning One

There was a tradition in my family growing up, that when we were visiting Grammy and Grampa, we would wake up early and sneak into their room to crawl into bed with them. Then we would spend a lazy morning giggling and chatting in bed. Since last night was the first official night that Jaclyn was with us, Vio was exhausted and fell right asleep, while I listened to Jaclyn breathing for three hours before I could fall asleep… all after going to bed at 10:30. Then, by some cruel-sweet stroke of karma, Jaclyn woke up at six and climbed up into the loft with us. The next two hours were barely filled with sleep, but they were some of the sweetest moments yet. She snuggled right up to me and lay on my arm as a pillow (the blood is still trying to reach my whole arm…), reached around and felt our faces gently in her sleep, squirmed and kicked and was altogether delightful.

Thankfully it’s Saturday on a long weekend and we don’t have to be anywhere, so we slept in. I made extra coffee this morning…

There are a few memories that will always stay with me, and they’re just piling up these days.