The mailman knocked at our door today at noon. Unexpected visit. He was very nervous. He said he was called into the director’s office this morning regarding my complaint – a short email I sent last evening. He was embarrassed.

He took full responsibility for not delivering my mail. He offered to pay for the box storage fee, which I paid at the post office. It was only 2 lei, but the principle of the issue got me, and the fact that the lady at the counter refused to acknowledge the fact that I didn’t get a notification regarding the box.

He was very apologetic and said that my neighbor has his number and I should have called him directly. My thought was: “should I call him weekly to see if I got anything?”

He was seriously distressed because the fact that he did not deliver our mail for two weeks surfaced. He had a slew of reasons. He said that he is retiring this month. But the director told him to call me and clear the situation. I told him I will contact the general director and tell him that it was all cleared. I wished him a happy retirement and that was that. I felt bad for getting him into trouble. I don’t feel bad about getting my mail on time. And I am quite impressed with the power of a brief, polite but assertive email.

On another happy note: the neighborhood socializes nicely, and there are so many kids! Last year there were no humans in sight. Only us and our parents would go on walks with Rufus. Now there are 16 kids and 6 dogs.