Living life

Find something personally enjoyable in everything. I learned this in marriage. Do not disregard yourself completely, as you deprive the other of your true self, while starting to resent your own sacrifice.

I may go as far as saying that I practiced this while working at Apple. I loved my job and I always got something out of it, though it was not always easy.

Setting boundaries, teaching manners, helping her develop good habits, eating healthy, taking naps, reading books, playing, answering the same questions over and over again… it is exhausting and it puts Conrad and me at odds with our different opinions about parenting. Yet, the giggles, the energy, the joy and the smart sayings or the things she remembers out of the blue, it makes it all worth it.

She is incredibly teachable, and as we move along as her parents, we want to raise a little girl whose company we would enjoy. And we already do enjoy her 3-year-old personality. I believe our delight in her, our wholehearted laughter with her, our adventures together build her self-confidence and it helps her develop self knowledge.