Calculated risk 

We’ve accepted the possibility of judgement and turned up eyebrows in exchange for a bit of extra freedom at the conference. Not irresponsible though. We know our kids. And we’ve poured everything we have in them, purposefully and rationally. We built resilience and mutual trust. And as they grow we grow, and we take risks, and they take risks. Our daughters are 6 and 9. And they’ve been here, at this conference before. They built relationships with adults, they learned to filter connections and listen to their instinct. 

Our eyes watch from afar. Weighing situations, choices, decisions. We connect regularly. Surprisingly rarely in the midst of the event. Their cup was full enough, their heart assured enough. 

They both had extraordinary freedom. Alas. Bed time was still enforced. Wake up time was necessary for breakfast. 

We’ve left them with their little friends, at the kids program. Afternoon they joined the other parents at the beach, with well understood safety protocol. 

We have asked other parents if our daughters could join them. The dads were awesome counting the little ducklings often. All 7 sometimes 9 kids.

This has been the most relaxed we’ve ever been on vacation. Even though it was a work vacation. The kids were active, busy, entertained, socialized. Tired at the end of the day. 

So I pray, I hope we didn’t set a bad example for anyone. I hope nobody got burdened with judgement. It was a calculated risk letting our kids enjoy so much freedom, because we know them, and because we longed for some freedom as well.

Two years ago they slept in our room, with me in bed. Conrad slept on the floor. We let them sleep in and went out for coffee on the beach. They were not afraid to wake up in the room without us. They knew where we were.

So this year, they had their own room across the hall from us, and they went to bed without us. They also spent most meals with other adults at times, and with other kids, chatting, socializing.

We are grateful for the ROM Director and his family and how their company set the stage for such rest for all of us.