Back to reality

Though the comfort is luxurious, and the conversations thrilling, the company enjoyable, I miss the simplicity of my life, of my home, of my home cooked meals. 

Brian went from steady determination to do a difficult hike, many days in a row, to a wild let loose have fun, be silly, tired but exuberant. Ken and Beth went from holding on for dear life to resting and engaging in rich conversations from an equal footing of clarity, shining warmth and light. Then Michelle joined us with extraordinary energy, more than she displayed in our zoom calls where she is steady on course keeping the conversation on track and the goal clearly in mind. She had fun and we had fun alongside her. 

Jack joined us with his brilliant mind and experience, though his heart is wrenched with ache given his family’s current medical challenges. Pulling him into present with active thinking, fun conversations about vision, leadership and business, cutting to the chase, we hope to serve him as well. 

Conrad and I have been the ballast for Polylogos. Both Liviu and Camilla are sails in the wind, chasing dreams, gliding fast on turbulent waters. The fours of us make an effective team. The mentors meetings have been so intense, dense, emotional, moving. Not dry at all, in the way I imagine the corporate world sometimes. 

I think much has been clarified, simplified, and we all gained some wisdom and focus. 

There is much work ahead, but already the load got lightened. I listened and felt comfortably quiet. Only toward the end I realized i didn’t jump in with my two cents. Because much of this has been discussed often in our house. Now it was time to be said with a different accent and from a different perspective. I am quite confident in my identity and that is such a gift. I don’t take it lightly. 

Tomorrow we drive. From dawn to dusk. May God protect us on the way.