April on Mount Tabor

Friends, life has been rich and adventurous lately. This week alone we lived intensely. We drove to Bucuresti to a coffee covers conference and promoted more our Wanderlust Coffee Company. This trip was a success from many points of view. At first, I tended to let Conrad do His thing, be his passionate, knowledgable, coffee geeky self, and I enjoyed doing my own thing. This time I took the plunge and mingled and connected and had fun at the coffee event. We drank a lot of coffee and met a lot of interesting people.



As soon as we returned we checked in at the Cluj Startups weekend. No expectations, no time to overthink it. We arrived there tired but with an open mind. We smiled, made eye contact, talked freely and shared our passion, ideas and help. Conrad was spectacular with his design work, and multiple teams benefited from his support.

And my team won 3rd place out of 12. Upon my return to Cluj I wanted to continue to pursue developing others and training, and this dream may turn into reality. I’ll get to use specific skills I learned at Apple and develop other trainers as well. Stay tuned for a new Startup in Cluj.


During the StartUp conference I had a Skype call with the pbcc women, ironing out the last details for the conference in May. Then Sunday we hosted the evening service, with unique messages, a fresh approach, singing, sharing, poems, piano and violin concerto. We had incense and lilac to celebrate “Duminica Mironositelor”. There were tears and there was joy. We lived intensely our sisters’ vulnerability, creativity and wits, and it felt surreal. God is real. God is at work. Regardless if we acknowledge or choose to see it. The joy is to live in the truth, to remain humble and delight in His love.


I didn’t have time to overthink anything, but I lived it all with presence, and that was a true gift.

Today we are preparing to fly to Barcelona for 3 days. A city-break with our godparents. They have been there the entire month for work, and they invited us to join them. When we moved to Romania we decided to take some time to travel around Europe, and that’s what we’re going to do.

I used to delight in sharing my internal journey in words, but the balance is tipped in the offline life living these days.

We are alive and well, making progress, living simple our big and small dreams, enjoying the small pleasures of life: sweets and coffee, friends, family and singing birds outside our window, warm winds and green grass.