We’ve taken the maintenance of our relationship with our youngest daughter to FaceTime. Not my favorite. But it’s better than nothing.

Most of us live in denial. When that doesn’t fly anymore, we try and live in the future. The present doesn’t make sense. It takes a great deal of mental discipline to focus on doing the right thing right now, and then let go. To not seek and read the news first thing in the morning.

My mind keeps going back to my youngest daughter. It weighs on me. She pleads with us to take her home. And we miss having her here. But thinking of her missing us is worse.

So I addressed our case worker, explaining our painful situation and pleaded to have everything ready for when we exit the quarantine. For efficiency’s sake. I don’t want to scurry the system or bypass anything. I believe the foundation of our society, in order to remain strong, needs to function orderly …but it’s in my DNA to think of ways to improve all procedures. And have every detail ironed for when we have the green light.

If we need to adapt, then let’s look at responsible realistic ways to do so, long term, in every field.

Last night I addressed this question to a High Level Social Services Representative, regarding the adoption procedures during the state of emergency. And today she released an official response.

Side note: Yesterday we did a lot of yard work. We purchased a large orchard just 2 km away from home. A beautiful piece of land. We pruned the trees and cleaned the ground. My arms ached as I went to bed, but I slept so well.

During this pandemic: What can we do now that would make us proud when we’ll look back at this time? Our courage and composure, respecting the health and safety guideline, and our altruism (which is key to keeping our sanity), are essential lessons to teach our kids.