They learn on the fly

– I don’t want to take a shower.
– Too bad. You have to.
– I do what I want!
– Actually you don’t.
– When I’m an adult can I do what I want? Do you do what you want?
– In theory adults can do what they want. But there are limitations. Common sense limitations, legal limitations. In this house we care for each other, we respect each other, and we act in love. So we, as adults, can do what we want, but in and out of love. If our actions offend others, or hurt them, we refrain from doing what we want…
– Ok. Let’s take a shower.

We decided and informed Jackie of our decision, to gather the trash we find in nature, and either take it to the trash can or collet it in garbage bags and bring it with us. Watch out: Kids are like an active conscience. On a trip to a beautiful island in France Jackie had just slipped and got stung by an anemone, and through sobs and tears she said, pointing at a wrapper trash between bushes: “you said we will pick up the trash from nature and take it to its proper place.” It may have been a distraction from the pain for her, but I stopped and followed through. I went and picked up the trash. And couldn’t help but smile.