Summer days

One of the very soothing bedtime routines is listing all the people that love Jackie. She asks: “who else?” scrunching her nose, smiling with brimming delight.

We have many friends. Too many to my dismay, on those exhausted, introverted days. But the list is seemingly endless. She has been thought of, and prayed for by many.

I list our godparents and their children, and thus she knows so many names… and she rememberes them all correctly. For the longest time I would tell her that Tobias loves her too. He was about one year old when she met him. He is about two now. To my saying that Tobias loves her she would look at me funny and would always respond in disbelief “nooo!” She now regards him as a little person though. She hugs him gently, and kisses his head every time she gets a chance, if she is not busy having fun with his older sister. I caught his gaze, smiling at her. Humans want to be seen. Truly seen. And with no words involved, these little kids SEE each other. And that my friends, is love.