My passion

I love public speaking. I see it as a form of art that pulls people in and inspires them.

It can move them to the core, but only when something valuable is shared.

I am reluctant to speak if I have nothing to say. And more often than not, my mind draws a blank. I have nothing to say. I am sometimes afraid that I’d be put on the spot and I draw a blank. The box is empty.

Other times, if I feel connected and alive, the information pours out of me with passion. I have learned to humbly rely on God to give me words. His words. His message to share. When He wants me to speak. This is how I’ve made it nearly four decades. No stress.

In one-on-one conversations I don’t worry much about what I’m going to say. Listening can make for a great conversationalist anyway. But public speaking is what I love. I am learning to love the silence between the words there too.

I like to read rich words. I like to listen to messages with substance. And I practice whenever I get the chance. I wait and pray for inspiration like a true artist, for when my time comes, I want to share whatever I have with ease and generosity.

It’s an honor to receive someone’s attention and time listening, so I don’t take that lightly. I pray I can hone this skill further, to share purposefully and well with world.