Marathon days

I left, on a brisk Wednesday morning, to take Ivy to school. We get going at 7:15 because we may hit traffic. One never knows for sure. 

Since school started I also restarted swimming. It keeps me sane and fresh. It helps me have energy. 

So I did that too. I went swimming and warmed up my soul in the sauna. 

We are in the process of redoing our back yard, laying out good soil, reseeding, setting sones for a path. We borrowed a rolling device to flatten the newly set soil. It’s intense work and we get around to it only in the weekend. We still have a huge pile of dirt run our drive way. But we ignore it for now as we park every day next to it. 

I stopped at Dedeman to pick up a large leaf rake that will help us settle the seeds in the ground. 

Then I went to the bank to open two accounts for each of the girls. Than Auchan to get ink for the printer. I finished just in time to wait for Jackie at the bus stop and take her to her clarinet class. While I was waiting for 45 minutes in the car I got read a bit. Then I drove her to school and picked ivy up. The bank called to say that they fixed an error on Jackie’s account and I can go back in to finish setting her account. By the time we could go home to take ivy back, I was famished. I called conrad to make us some panini. They were hot but I got stuck in traffic. A five car accident due to a speeding young driver who smashed into a left turning car. The one road that takes me homes blocked for two hours. I decided to turn around, because I would have had to come back anyway to attend two parent-teacher conferences that afternoon. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t let ivy rest at home. I picked up a sandwich and to let time pass faster I took ivy swimming though I had just swam that morning. Then off to school. First parent teacher conference was fast and efficient. The second one laster twice as long because the director paid us a visit to answer some questions. We are all concerned about the repeat of the afternoon program. It is really challenging for most parents especially if they have more kids with a different aka regulat morning schedule. 

We got home at 7. I had been gone for 12 hours and I didn’t just sit. I ran from point A to point B through the entire alphabet it seemed. But the girls were in good spirits and I was too. At bedtime I fell asleep like a log. The girls too. And the next day we got to do it all over again.