Little people of NOW

When there aren’t enough people to do the work, only TIME can validate a child’s need to be adopted, as the ultimate solution, in his or her best interest.

But while we the adults have time, children don’t. They don’t have time to lose in limbo. They are little people of the present. 

The case manager’s work is hard, tedious, complicated. The support is minimum. The state pours new millions of euro into new IT systems, when what the actual system needs is just a few more people to do the *dirty work. On foot, searching for people, talking to the bio families. The work that’s under-appreciated, the work that’s unrewarded. 

Has everything been done to clarify *her situation? In a timely manner. With care, focus, purpose. I still have my doubts. 

I am told again to cool my engines because my pressure could be misinterpreted and there could be repercussions. Bah! 

This week the file may be moved to the department that will prepare it to open the adoption. Then we have the final lap before we meet her. I pray with open hands for an actual update.