Jackie has a passport

On Monday we stayed home from school and went to get her picture taken for a passport. She was well behaved and curious about everything. When we came out of the police station she asked: “ok, can we go to Grammie and Grampa now?”

We went swimming for an hour right after. A delightful time of connection and pure joy. And after, we went to the theatre to listen to the orchestra playing instruments that imitate animals. It was fun. And loud. Ten we had chocolate pretzels. Staying home from school totally worth it. Monday morning she was definitely not ready to go back. I know that feeling, I told her that day we make an exception as we needed to take care of some things.

Daddy like to tickle her and kiss on her, and chase and roughhouse. And she loughs out loud and then says with the most stern cute voice: “TA-TI Ga-ta!”

“I love you no matter what you do.” I find different circumstances to instill in her important truths. We read this lovely book, every night for a week, about the trouble this little girl gets herself into; and how her mommy loves her no matter what.
At the end, the girls whispers to her mommy: “I love you no matter what I do!”

Jackie told me the other day she loves me no matter what I do …and as a mom, for a long while I know (at least) she will feel that way, it was music to my ears to hear these words out of her mouth.

“Teach me!” it is the most disarming invitation a three year old can make. We play a new game and she says: “come, teach me!” or “It’s ok, mommy will teach me how to…”  One thing she is clueless about: she thinks I will teach her to make coffee, though she sees daddy make me coffee every morning.

The other day she got on her Grammie’s laptop and said: “look at me, I’m working like mommy. And I’m making a website like daddy.”