As a kid I was invisible to most adults. Except for the few adults that mattered. 

So I felt seen and safe. Growing up rather tall Seemed contrary to my nature 

Height makes you more easily seen 

Low expectations is my favorite starting point No disappointment No pressure

Then life happened. A lot of good life. And success and visibility.

I’m still an introvert. So is my husband. And one of my kids.

The extroverted one inspires me Challenges me. And most importantly Challenges me to grow. 

I still have a hard time reconciling My visibility and memorability Which became apparent mostly here in the states

But in MOPS it also stuck And it encouraged and drained me all at once.

Visibility begets demands 

And I learned to respond with action for the few times my help was needed, my presence acknowledged.

But visibility pulls one in every direction 

Being visible doesn’t owe everyone a positive response 

Staying put. Taking a deep breath. Remembering who you are: What your purpose is, Your gifts and your limits

And finding peace and joy in the service you pursue. The challenges you accept. 

And stand tall. Straighten that back. Lift the chin. Look up. Breathe deep 

Let yourself be seen and remember you don’t owe anything to any person 

But to God.
and serve from that abundance and not front guilt. 

Let there be light.