The year of many new friends. We threw ourselves into new circumstances, served and made friends. The people we met this year are brilliant, kind, driven. We are enriched but we are also spent. 

I’ve focused on serving others, on where I’m needed, on how I can enrich other people’s lives. But the key which is Balance, was misplaced. I’m tempted by the extreme rest, to compensate for the extreme outward focus. Yet again, balance is imperative. Set boundaries, but not lock myself up into rest. Respect my boundaries and not expect others to set them for me, respect them or even observe them. Set and reset. Speak kindly and clearly. Chose wisely. 

May 2023 feel more rested than this one. May we move forward even if by comparison with 2022 we will spear slow. Slower is good. Slower is healthy. 

Let us enjoy the present and reach our kids about balance.