Train ride

Before I can close the door to the girls’ room, after I helped them brush their teeth well, and I pray with them, Jackie has one more question. One more observation. Her mind races with emotions, with thoughts and opinions. If she doesn’t verbalize them with me, they churn inside her all evening. That doesn’t mean we have to discuss every night for hours. I use my judgement and my intuition. Sometimes I cut it short, other times I let the ideas turn on all their sides. 

Today she came through the door, after her first excursion by train to Alba, declaring with enthusiasm: “I’m in love!” I wish I was recording her. It did intrigue me. As it was her intention I bet. She was in love with this new more of transportation. It was smooth and fun and interesting. 

But at night she said she changed her group of friends. The cool girls want to hang out with her. I am suspicious of such opinions. I don’t care to entertain the notion that some are better than others based on popularity. Even if its only perceived by my daughter alone. 

I catch myself saying things with sharp clarity, almost uncomfortable. We are followers of Jesus, kind to all, we don’t chase beneficial friendships but we are friends to all, especially those on the margins. When we chase to be included, we forget to focus on including others. Rise above the clicks. Be kind, generous, friendly to any and all. That is the true freedom and happiness. I’m not sure she fully grasps what I’m saying. But I must say it all the same. I did not crave popularity so I try to be sensitive to my daughter’s extrovert heart. Meanwhile, though we decided to start reading the proverbs together daily, her life has been too active the last week to even attempt to do so. My hope is to start in earnest and have her taste the Truth from the Word. And may it light her way.